Giannis Daras
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"Have no fear of perfection - you'll never reach it."
- Salvador Dali

First things first; Computer Engineering Student at National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). Also, Google Summer of Code Student, working on Natural Language Processing. Co-founder and developer at Ratle. Machine Learning enthusiast and technology lover. Dreams? An innovative thesis, a challenging PhD and a lot more random projects. And hopefully some time for literature, theatre and gym.


"Everyday life is like programming, I guess. If you love something you can put beauty into it."
- Donald Knuth

Smart home project

Team project

Ever wondered how future homes could me? I did. With my team, we created a smart-home lego prototype in which we used Computer Vision and Machine Learning to personalize the experience of the home owner. Recognizing the guests and playing music that they like, lights adjustment based on user preferences, locking and unlocking doors based on priviledges that people in the house have, are some of the current capabilities of the lego house.

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Ratle Project

Startup product

Ratle is a start-up that aims to revolutionize the way shopping is done. By using sensors inside shops can track products that you take with you while you are shopping and let you leave without the need to hustle in the queue, just by paying them with your phone. Our Amazon-like project transfers technology from shop to shop-items. Each of them has a sensor attached that you can dispose it in your exit of the shop.

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Athens, Greece
Email: daras.giannhs@gmail.com