Restoration-Degradation Beyond Linear Diffusions: A Non-Asymptotic Analysis for DDIM-Type Samplers

Published in ICML 2023 [Paper]

Citation: Sitan Chen, Giannis Daras, Alexandros G. Dimakis, "Restoration-Degradation Beyond Linear Diffusions: A Non-Asymptotic Analysis for DDIM-Type Samplers", ICML 2023

We develop a framework for non-asymptotic analysis of deterministic samplers used for diffusion generative modeling. Several recent works have analyzed stochastic samplers using tools like Girsanov’s theorem and a chain rule variant of the interpolation argument. Unfortunately, these techniques give vacuous bounds when applied to deterministic samplers. We give a new operational interpretation for deterministic sampling by showing that one step along the probability flow ODE can be expressed as two steps: 1) a restoration step that runs gradient ascent on the conditional log-likelihood at some infinitesimally previous time, and 2) a degradation step that runs the forward process using noise pointing back towards the current iterate. This perspective allows us to extend denoising diffusion implicit models to general, non-linear forward processes. We then develop the first polynomial convergence bounds for these samplers under mild conditions on the data distribution.

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